HIGH MAGICK: The Elemental Adept

A Tarot Journey


The following article was found at digital-brilliance.com/kab/tobias010.htm and also at cryskernan.tripod.com/high_magick.htm. While the odd typo, spelling, punctuation or grammatical error can usually be excused, too many of them in an article can seriously damage the credibility of the author. The following article contains a plethora of errors but in spite of that I found the information and wisdom contained within to be very interesting and hopefully useful to me in my studiesI decided not to bother trying to make the corrections as it was too much hard work, lol. 😛 So, you’ll just have to suffer them as I did and hopefully see that what the author has to say is more important than the numerous grammatical errors. 😐

HIGH MAGICK: The Elemental Adept

by Suba

Copied from digital-brilliance.com/kab/tobias010.htm

I dedicate this paper, to all those aspiring adepts, who have fought through these illusions of every-day reality…

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