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Rainbow Wave of Light

Each pain you experience in your life has a root cause, a seed that was planted a long time ago.  They manifest in repeating negative patterns,

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Two Very Short Refutations of Romanist Objections to Sola Scriptura

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Refuting Fallacious Arguments Against Sola Scriptura

I. “Sola Scriptura is Responsible for Doctrinal Differences Among Protestants.”

            We hear the term protestant so often that it is easy to think that we belong to an inverted form of the Roman Catholic Church called the Protestant Church. This manner of addressing sola scriptura and the supposed problems it causes is fallacious because it groups all non-catholic professedly Christian religious groups under a broad term that (i.)only addresses the group’s disagreement with Rome and (ii.)cannot, by its own definition, signify any one particular group of individuals. The fact that Roman Catholic apologists argue this way shows that their understanding is flawed from the onset. Protestant does not signify a united front against Roman Catholicism; protestant simply signifies an individual or group that has protested against the abominations of the Roman Catholic organization. Muslims argue the same way, interestingly, when attempting…

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How Will the Solar Eclipse July 2019 Affect you? – OMTimes Magazine

According to astrology scholars, the greatest impact of the Solar Eclipse July 2019 will be on the signs of Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.

VIRGO Eclipses usually bring things that were hidden to the surface. Virginians may have some surprises with the people around them and should be careful to find out who they can count on. To do this functionally, you need to understand who you are, your personality traits, and talents. We will only know how to relate to others when we have a good relationship with them.

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The Rhesus Factor DECEPTION ( Rh- ) RH Negative Blood Type (FULL VERSION)

XtremeRealityCheck Published on Apr 28, 2019

The Rh negative bloodlines and traits, DNA, Genetic Engineering

The Miracle of Life

A documentary which shows the actual conception and development of a baby. Looks inside the male and female reproductive organs to show the formation of sperm and the passage of a fertilized egg through the fallopian tube. Uses a microscope to observe DNA, chromosomes, and other minute body details building up to the moment of birth.

by Lennart Nilsson, Bo G. Erikson, Carl O. Löfman, Sveriges television., WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)

A documentary which shows the actual conception and development of a baby.

Looks inside the male and female reproductive organs to show the formation of sperm and the passage of a fertilized egg through thefallopian tube. Uses a microscope to observe DNA, chromosomes, and other minute body details building up to the moment of birth.        

Source: The Miracle of Life : Lennart Nilsson, Bo G. Erikson, Carl O. Löfman, Sveriges television., WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Is the Aether Element the Key to Unlocking the Secret of the Universe? (WITHOUT MUSIC)

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Gary Lite

Published on Apr 9, 2019

There is no Speed of Light

Zetetic Zen - Arsillcrypts 2.0

“Scientists at MIT created a 1 trillion frames per second camera to record a single pulse of light traveling through a bottle!” [ ]

“The notion exists that the electro-motive force, E.M.F. in volts, is established by “cutting” lines of magnetic induction via a so called electric conductor. This “cutting” is then said to impel the motions of so-called electrons within the conducting material. It is however that a perfect conductor cannot “cut” through lines of induction, or flux lines, Phi. Heaviside points out that the perfect conductor is a perfect obstructer and magnetic induction cannot gain entry into the so-called conducting material. So where is the current, how then does an E.M.F. come about? Now enters the complication; it can be inferred that an electrical generator that is wound with a perfect conducting material cannot produce an E.M.F. No lines of flux can be cut and the Ether gets…

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Hexoctagonal Geometry, Magnetic Reciprocation and Vortex Math

Zetetic Zen - Arsillcrypts 2.0

Some things i made, demonstrating (in stages) vortex math in it’s relation to incommensurate field geometry of coherent dielectric objects, such as a magnet. Notice the figure 8 ‘infinity sign’ and the ‘hourglass’ double hyperbola shape intrinsic to electromagnetic fields. The 6 pointed star image, is the inverse of that same geometry, and was a well regarded spiritual symbol long long before judeo-christianity.

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Creation of the Sun System and the Zodiac

The Tree of Life

The World Egg is the most universal symbol we have, and the Zodiac is the most developed form of it, but we find it  everywhere in all cultures, we just don’t recognize it as representing the world egg.

The Orphic Egg

See also this album: The World Egg and the Zodiac

We can find the history of the zodiac in the four heavenly beasts, Eagle, Lion, Ox and Man; they were the first members of the Zodiac, first later came the Cardinal signs, and later again the mutable, they came when man began developing these qualities, just as the outher planets first became visible when they became influential.

Amma created the egg, what became our sun system, not the whole universe. Within his egg, Amma began spinning around, forming the po seed. The po is the smallest invisible seed at the center.

Amma then placed seven ‘words’ [Planets] in the…

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