The Expulsion of the Acadians Continues, 1756 to 1764


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The Expulsion of the Acadians Continues, 1756 to 1764

A French Settlement on the Miramichi

“Drawn on the spot by Capt. Harrey Smyth, Etch’d by Paul Sandby” from Wikipedia

The expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia began in 1755, when large number of people were gathered together, loaded onto ships, and transported to the more southern colonies. One of the main considerations in planning the expulsion was to save money, and the shipping agent, Apthorp & Hancock, was selected on the basis of cost. Conditions onboard ship were therefore awful. One man who visited a transport in Boston harbour wrote of a dying woman who could not be brought ashore since the authorities were not ready to permit it. She had three small children and, to save her life, he defied regulations and brought onto land. Her last words before she died…

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