The Acadians: A Timeline up to the Start of the Expulsion in 1755


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The following is condensed and edited from Charles W. Collins’ The Acadians of Madawaska, Maine, Boston, 1902; although these particular events occurred well before the Madawaska story.

Many things are clear from this timeline, and one is that managing relationships between the Acadians and the French and the English and the Mi’kmaq and the Priests from Canada was difficult to the point of being unimaginable. Falling out of favour with any one of these powers could prove fatal for Acadians. That they were able to manage it as well as they did is astounding.

Building an Aboiteaux

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The Acadians: A Timeline up to the Start of the Expulsion in 1755

Poutrincourt established himself at Port Royal in the early 1600’s, but this colony failed. Still, Acadia was the first French colony in North America, and was founded by…

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