The Acadian Exiles on the Saint John River


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The Acadian Exiles on the Saint John River

“In 1784 the expatriated of 1755 located at the River Saint John, were anew dispossessed in favor of American loyalists and disbanded soldiers. These unfortunate families powerless against force could do nothing but betake themselves to the forests. They ascended the River Saint John, thirty leagues from any habitation and, axe in hand, opened up the plains of Madawaska.”

This description of Acadians on the Saint John River, after the Expulsion of 1755 and until the arrival of the Loyalists in 1783 is edited from Charles W. Collins’ The Acadians of Madawaska, Maine, Boston, 1902. It is by way of introduction to a blog post about the Madawaska settlements which will follow next week.

A monument to the landing of Acadians, Madawaska, Maine

From the ‘Maine, an Encyclopedia’ web site


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