Little or no Idea of the Origin of the Name ‘Acadia’


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Little or no Idea of the Origin of the Name ‘Acadia’

There are many theories as to the origin of the name ‘Acadia,’ but William F. Ganong could not verify any of them except to show that it must have descended from a European word. His paper was published in Vol. 3, No. 4 of The New Brunswick Magazine, edited by W.K. Reynolds in 1899. The earliest spelling variation of the name was apparently Larcadia. His paper follows.

Dispersion of the Acadians, from Painting at St. Joseph’s College

From the centre des études acadiennes, via the McCord Museum. About 1907


The Origin of the Name Acadia

In all our history there is no name of greater charm or sadder memory than Acadia. Naturally, then, the question of its origin is of considerable interest and many writers have discussed it. Yet I believe…

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