Kraken Exposes US and Global Voting Fraud – Fake News Continues To Shout -No Proof.


The American public has been flooded with fake news and it is sad when we aren’t even aware of what is happening in our own country and we have to splice things together by investigative researching on world affairs to understand how deep the corruption lies. Well, as I’ve always said, the key to investigating is asking the right questions. Hold on to your seats as we fast track through what has been and is taking place in just ONE LITTLE CORNER of this complex mess involving the sedition taking place in America.

Permanent and Temporary EMBs —

We start with “The Delian Project” which adheres to the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals and helps national elections around the world to tabulate votes. Isn’t that grand? They are bringing their expertise to assist voters in exercising their democratic franchise by bringing consistency, transparency, and speed to the voting process.

26th Annual Conference and General Assembly Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria |  Aссоциация Организаторов Выборов Стран Европы

Recently they held a…

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Author: Virgo Starlight

Believe it and you will find the Magick is real and lies within YOU. All is mind. YOU are a creator. We are all magickal beings with true potential and powers that have been hidden for as long as man has existed. Magick is not about broomsticks and cauldrons. It's thoughts (All is mind). It's energy (YOU are a creator).

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