Epstein Documents Released, Revealing Depths of Convicted Pedophile’s Alleged Sex Trafficking Operation | Common Dreams News

Exceprt from Common Dreams News August 9, 2019
This is a developing story and may be updated.
Thousands of pages of documents related to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking of young girls were released Friday, opening the floodgates on one of the biggest scandals of 2019.

Jeffrey Epstein & The Full Clinton Body Count Tweeted By Donald Trump

Shaun Attwood55K views6 hours agoWatch more about Epstein, Julian Assange, Iran, Princess Di and JFK: …New3:24:37

Hillary’d ♦ #ClintonBodyCount #JeffreyEpstein #Epstein

uzalu•2.4K viewsStreamed 16 hours agoI just feel bad for the assassin who’s having all his hard work credited to some old rich paedophile. — Funding Links — INSTEAD …New5:22

Jeffrey Epstein Not On Suicide Watch & Guards Missed Routine Checks

Salty Cracker•8.6K views1 day agoLooks like #ClintonBodyCount pays off guards. Website: https://saltycrackermerch.com/ PayPal: …New3:38

Trump just tweeted wild conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

US GLOBAL NEWS•10K views1 day agoBREAKING NEWS TODAY : Trump just tweeted wild conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s death With the death of the …New5:52

Jeffrey Epstein’s Super Convenient Suicide

Salty Cracker•176K views1 day agoClintonBodyCount just went +1! Website: https://saltycrackermerch.com/ PayPal: …New8:45

Epstein Found Hung in Cell – Twitter Suppresses ClintonBodyCount Hashtag?

NeoUnrealist•2.9K views1 day agoWell connected financier and accused abuser of young girls Jeffery Epstein was found dead of an “apparent suicide” in his cell in …New2:00

The Truth About Jeffery Epstein #ClintonBodyCount

TheMisterL•131 views23 hours agoThis is the truth about Jeffery Epstein Exposed. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton will murder me for this. Jeffery Epstein …New1:01:06

#ClintonBodyCount #Epstein #Omar #MuellerHearings #ThursdayThoughts #TurningPointUSA and more….

Susan Knowles•354 viewsStreamed 2 weeks agoMultistreaming with https://restream.io/ #TuesdayThoughts #Brexit #BorisJohnson #MuellerLetter #NYPD #Tlaib #FirstStepAct …1:59

Photos of Epstein as medics are trying to revive him?? #ClintonBodyCount

Christopher Falcon•345 views2 days agohttps://nypost.com/2019/08/10/photos-show-jeffrey-epstein-as-hes-wheeled-into-downtown-hospital/amp/New2:18

Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship with Clinton was a death sentence #ClintonBodyCount

Libertarian Avenger•836 views2 days agoOn July 25th we found out Jeffery Epstein was friends with Bill Clinton and predicted his imminent “suicide”. Remarkable how …New2:31

Let’s Spit some truth 🤤 #JefferyEpstein’sdeath #Clintonbodycount

General DisRepair•66 views1 day agoJust take a second to think about it if you were involved with all of this wouldn’t you be worried about the other guy? The people …New1:00:35


Moistski Live!•1.8K viewsStreamed 1 day agoHmmmmm #ClintonBodyCount #Epstein #TrumpBodyCount Please Consider Supporting The Channel: …New41:31

Epstein Commits Suicide In Jail #ClintonBodyCount

Ranting Monkey•1.3K viewsStreamed 2 days agoSupport This Channel*** Streamlabs: https://streamlabs.com/rantingmonkey Merchandise: …New8:08

Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive

sergey kasimov•1.5K views1 day agoAlternative theory what happened to Jeffrey Epstein below are the sources to prove my point watch entire video to understand …New15:02

#ClintonBodyCount 4th Trending on Twitter; Public Disclosure Eminent?

The Lion’s Den Address•526 views2 weeks ago4:08

Epstein Suicide… is that the full story?

Chandler Crump•2.9K views2 days agoWhat’s going on here? #epstein #epsteinmurdered #clintonbodycount *** TO SUPPORT: http://donorbox.org/support-chandler …New1:25

Jeffrey Epstein “Commits Suicide” | Clinton Body Count Rises?

SydeWalkClosed•2.5K views2 days ago#ClintonBodyCount grows again! Jeffrey Epstein is dead and the Clinton body count rises. clinton body count: https://external …New5:03

Recent rash of mysterious deaths tied to the CLINTONS #ClintonBodyCount #SethRICH #ShawnLucas

Ellie likeswater•842 views3 years agoIT looks like SETH RICH was a victim of foul play by operatives in the DNC for leaking the DNC emails to WikiLeaks , Julian …13:57


Bitcoin Overdose•30 viewsStreamed 1 day agoMultistreaming with https://restream.io/ BTC: 1NjasffnU6scLapemMbrR6U3LZb6c5VH7s.New11:46

Clinton Body Count? Trump retweets conspiracy implying Clintons behind Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Charlton•1.3K views1 day agoTrump retweets post implying Bill Clinton behind Jeffrey Epstein’s death #ClintonBodyCount #TrumpBodyCount #JeffreyEpstein …New2:40

Wish You Were Here

R Sean•264 views8 months agoPink Floyd cover by #ClintonBodyCount.36:21

#EpsteinSuicide, #ClintonBodyCount, 4chan Down – $1 TTS On Stream

Johnny Fox•80 viewsStreamed 1 day agoDonate $1 TTS – https://www.streamlabs.com/johnnyfoxlive Get My Books For Free – Dead Meat: https://bit.ly/2Y5LA3s …New47:17

Did Epstein Commit Suicide, Get Suicided, Or Get Whisked Away To Israel? All Claims Are Being Made

The Last American Vagabond•53K viewsStreamed 2 days agoWelcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from …New7:45

Jeffrey Epstein ‘Suicided’ by convenient coincidences

Conservatarian Curator•384 views1 day agoJeffrey Epstein ‘Suicided’ by convenient coincidences. Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell, but there are too many …New4:49

A Shift In Power – Official Trailer | A Into The Deep Original Documentary Series #ClintonBodyCount

INTO THE DEEP TV•5.2K views7 months agoHow was Donald Trump able to stave off the New World Order? In 1998, a fifteen-year-old Virginia Roberts was working as a …7:40

Who Watches The Suicide Watch? (The Epstein Affair)

The Rageaholic48K views4 hours agoWho knew Suicide Watch involved popcorn and a soda? Check RazörFist on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/RAZ0RFIST Join the …New6:20

Reacting to hilarious Jeffrey Epstein Memes

The Angry Republican•1.9K views1 day agoIn today’s video The Angry Republican aka Sam Johnson is back and he’s reacting to some hilarious Jeffrey Epstein memes.New29:13

Jeffrey Epstein’s Murderer Unveiled

Psychic Violetta•27K views1 day agoPsychic Violetta looks into Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide and discovers something much darker than we expected. If you would …New1:41:29

Todays alleged Accused Monsters

ForNoGoodReason•1.3K viewsStreamed 2 weeks agoAllegations from a 14 year old surface, as well as Epstain News Articles in stream thepostmillennial …14:06


The Josh Bernstein Show•16K views8 months agoWhen I make a prediction you can take it to the bank. I don’t do Fake News or Click Bait Titles either. I give the TRUTH and the …2:32

Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Reenactment ( The Qanon Post )

Lord MiA•1.7K views1 month agoIf Q is right about Anthony Weiner’s Laptop, then God help us all. This is an reenactment of what I think is on Weiner’s Laptop.1:03

Trump retweets post promoting conspiracy theory about Epstein death

Easy Place•105 views1 day agoSaturday, August 10, 2019 Trump retweets post promoting conspiracy theory about Epstein death | Easy Place President Trump …New1:49:16

Ep 47: The Clinton Body Count

Who Really Knows Podcast•41 viewsStreamed 1 week agoThe Clinton Body Count hit trending on twitter after Epsteins “suicide” attempt in his jail cell. Its brought back into question all of the …1:01

CLINTON BODY COUNT // or Did Epstein Commit Suicide?

Mesh News //•No views22 hours agoDid the Clintons Murder Epstein? or Just a Timely Suicide? #JeffreyEpsteinSuicide #JeffreyEpstein #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp …New37:22

Firewall: Zero Hour-Jeffery Epstien Edition

Majin Stu•No views1 day agoSuicide? Murder? Or Secret Witness Protection Move? #Clintonbodycount SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!New11:19

Alan Krueger*Economic Aide to Clinton & Obama*Dead aged 58

ELE 1978•705 views4 months agoAlan Krueger dies aged 58. Family says it was a suicide. Here are the links…. #QUESTIONEVERYTHING …6:10


Dellboi’s Boxing News•211 views1 day agoFollow me on twitter – https://twitter.com/dellboi94 To donate to the channel via PayPal – dellboy988@gmail.com Support on …New

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