Twitter: Stepping Up The Message Against QAnon

The Q Tree

I simply CANNOT let this pass without comment. It’s a very small observation, but I believe it’s a preview of what is coming.

I noticed when I fired up Twitter today, that the very first tweet they showed me was THIS:

What’s going on in this tweet, in case you aren’t familiar with the personalities involved, is that a somewhat generally disliked MAGA Coalition guy (JohnWickofPolitics), who got negative exposure from Brian Cates (Stealth Jeff), Praying Medic and QAnon, retweeted a post that is critical of QAnon and some of the major accounts which post about Q drops, including Praying Medic.

Before saying anything else, I want to mention that this whole fight (which QAnon has stated he no longer wants to discuss) seems to have been started by a kind of “lets you and him fight” strategy from the dark side, using shills to pump it up. The whole…

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Author: Virgo Starlight

Believe it and you will find the Magick is real and lies within YOU. All is mind. YOU are a creator. We are all magickal beings with true potential and powers that have been hidden for as long as man has existed. Magick is not about broomsticks and cauldrons. It's thoughts (All is mind). It's energy (YOU are a creator).

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